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Navigating this Big World is scary.  We guide youth from risk to resiliency while providing character education resources for schools, families, and communities.  #FromRiskToResiliency

Founded in 1996 by Tamara Fyke, Love In A Big World has reached over 500,000 kids in over 250 schools across the country and around the world with social & emotional learning programs and materials.

To empower kids, families and communities through character education, healthy habits, social responsibility and FUN!

To equip kids and families with the tools to create flourishing communities.

Our strategy is to produce educationally sound instructional services and materials as well as commercially viable media and supplemental products in order to become a part of how twenty million American tweenagers think.

Our goal is to become a recognized movement that serves as a catalyst to turn the hearts of adults toward children, and the hearts of children toward adults, uniting them to overcome the evil in our world with good.


Tamara Fyke, Creator/Founder/CEO


Tamara Fyke is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for kids, families, and urban communities. She has worked for over twenty years in the field of social and emotional learning with Love In A Big World. Her goal is to connect kids and caring adults for authentic conversations about life and faith. She received her master’s degree in education from Peabody at Vanderbilt.   She is creator/author and brand manager for Love In A Big World with Abingdon Press.  Tamara lives in Nashville with her three amazing children she adopted.

Dr. Natalie Cureton, COO

Dr. Natalie Cureton is a tenacious educator with a passion for kids and the adults devoted to guiding them. She has been in education since 2008, working in diverse high, middle, and elementary schools in a large urban district, as well as leading workshops for professors and future teachers in graduate and undergraduate programs. Her goal is to equip kids and adults to live and love with purpose. She holds a Masters in Teaching English Learners and a Doctorate in Learning Organizations & Strategic Change. Natalie lives in Nashville with her treasure of a husband and family of five animals.

Dr. Shree Walker Suddeth, Educational Director


Dr. Shree Walker Suddeth earned a Bachelor’s degree in history from Fisk University and a Master’s degree in Special Education from Lipscomb University. She then went to earn her Education Specialist’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Tennessee State University, where she also earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Walker is a co-author of University community partnerships in teacher preparation: Changing attitudes about students with disabilities, the Director Section 504 and Special Populations for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools as well an Adjunct Professor of Education at Belmont University.

Terrance "Cirvant" French,
Outreach Director

Cirvatn grew up in Nashville, TN. He currently resides in South Africa. He has been a performer and motivational speaker with Love In A Big World for 14 years reaching over a half a million people. His debut Spoken and Music CD “My Reality” was released in 2010 and His Book entitles “Wounded Healer; Memoirs and Poems of a Broken Boy” was released in 2013. He penned “A Poem for Broken Boys” during the process of recording and writing. The story helps to chronicle his story and the stories of many men who struggle with issues stemming from being “broken boys”.
Board of Directors
Sharon Frazier, Franklin American Mortgage Company
Jamal Hutchinson, World Financial Group
Dr. Michael Majors, Major Family Chiropractic
Cheryl D. Mayes, My Toolbox Consulting
Brad Redmond, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Tatia Rose, Nashville Music Academy & Rose Music Group
Joan Tankersley, Five Key Collective
Bare Yogol, Yogol Independent Consulting

Board Chairman
Stan McCall, Strategic Management Team